My Friday Five: On PGA Championship, SNICK & A (New) Cassette Player

1. Showtime Shuffle

I live at the theater. Okay, not really. But I make more than my fair share of trips to see a good film. One such theater I've frequented quite often throughout the years is AMC Classic Durham 15 (formerly Carmike Wynnsong 15). I've always liked the "small town" feel of this theater as well as deals that are offered to customers on Tuesdays - discounted tickets and concessions - because paying $20/person for a ticket, small popcorn and small drink is ridiculous.

Being a person who works primarily in the evenings/nights, I tend to go to see a film in the late morning or early afternoon. I planned on doing just that on a recent Tuesday but, to my surprise, the theater had no showtimes before 4 p.m. available. It wasn't because of a glitch on the website I was looking at. Nor due to the earlier showtimes being sold out. Apparently, it's due to lower attendance.

My Friday Five: On The Olympics, UNC Players Returning & Bulls' Continuing Dominance

1. Los Angeles to Host 2028 Olympics

Los Angeles officials have reportedly reached an agreement to bring the Olympic Games back to the city in 2028. According to a report from Rachel Axon at USA Today, the agreement would allow for Paris to host in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028. As per the agreement, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would provide funding not only for The Games but also to youth programs in the area, among other things. According to the report, the Los Angeles city council and the United States Olympic Committee board of directors will convene in August to discuss approving the bid. If approved, the IOC will confirm the host cities at meetings this September.

I know it's 10 years away, but attending the Olympics has always been a bucket list item for me. It would be so awesome to witness The Games in person!

Tuft & Needle Pillow: As Good As Advertised?

Did you know that you should change your pillow every one to two years? At least that's what the National Sleep Foundation recommends. There are several reasons why. Chiefly, pillows collect hair, body oils and dead skin cells, which can cause them to become smelly and/or attract allergens such as dust mites, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Back in June, I decided to go on the hunt for a new pillow. I started having some neck pain each morning I woke up and the pillow was beginning to lose its fluffiness. After a lengthy search, I turned to Tuft & Needle.