Thank You

I want to take a second and thank Justin Bieber. Over the past few days I have become even a bigger fan of his mainly because one of his songs has helped me get through all that's happened with my grandma.

In case you haven't read my Twitter account (which you should) my grandma has been in the hospital for about a week recovering from a stroke. It all happened last Monday, and I was shocked and (of course) very upset. After talking to my mom and praying about ten minutes, I listened to Justin's song "Pray".

While I listened, I thought about my grandma and all that she's been through and, I'll be honest, I started crying. I was sad but his song gave me the hope that, with God and prayer, anything is possible. My grandma did improve some Thursday and Friday of last week, but started to decline again over the weekend.

I know Justin himself will never see this, but I thought I would just put it out there. That's what this blog's about anyway! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Justin Bieber for that song. I never knew it would mean so much to me! Please continue to pray for my grandma and for our family as we go through this diffficult time.