A Magical Beginning

Collins Key appears to be just an everyday teen. But he's already a master at his craft despite the rejection he's received.

He showcased his amazing magic act on the big stage of America's Got Talent Tuesday night, performing a mind boggling trick. Take a look...

How did he do it? I guess we'll never know. Besides that, I find his story to be amazing. Although he doesn't go into detail, it's clear that Collins has gone through quite a bit of rejection in his life, tearing up while listening to the judges' rave reviews.

I can relate to this kind of story because I've had to deal with a fair amount of people criticizing and chastising me for numerous things - one being giving out my free opinions about things on social media, including this blog. Despite that, I still continue what I'm doing and I'm glad to see Collins is doing the same thing.

Just remember this:

You only have to answer to God and yourself. Live your life. Don't let anyone else control you or what you do with your life.