NMM: Eben

Photo: Chris White
Eben Franckewitz - who now goes by Eben - has been really making a name for himself since his stint on "American Idol."

He's performed all over the United States including at TeenHoot and OMG Music Fest and continues to churn out numerous tracks as well. His latest is an original called "Let The Beat Drop" and it is off the chain! Words cannot not describe how freaking good it is. In all seriousness, though, the song will have you cranking up the bass and bobbing your head no matter where you are.

I've seen Eben grow from his days on "Idol" to the incredible artist he is today. All while keeping a humble attitude and being loyal to his fans who got him to this position in the first place. I'm not only proud to call myself a fan but I'm proud to call this guy a great (Twitter) friend! We talked last week about coming down to North Carolina for a show sometime and I really hope he can soon!

Check out "Let The Beat Drop" below...