NMM: Alex & Sierra

Photo: Chris White
December 19, 2013. The date that changed Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton's lives forever.

The Florida duo - and real life couple - were crowned winners on the third season of "The X-Factor" and received a $1 million recording contract to go along with it. Just six months later, Alex & Sierra have released a debut single called "Scarecrow" via YouTube. The song has not yet been released to iTunes but the duo created an awesome lyric video for it which is above. "Scarecrow" is very cool and catchy. It's also folksy and has a lot of heart and soul behind it - something to be expected from Alex & Sierra. The duo has been hard at work and this song was definitely worth the relatively short wait. Simon Cowell scored big with Alex & Sierra. No doubt about it.

Can't wait to see what this awesome duo has in store for the future!