NMM: Mipso

Photo: Chris White
This week's New Music Monday is going local!

Mipso is a band comprised of four musicians from various parts of North Carolina. The band's website describes its members as "renegade traditionalists" utilizing three-part harmonies and the influences of Applachia in a new way.

Formed in Chapel Hill, N.C. in 2010, Mipso is comprised of Jacob Sharp, Wood Robinson, Joseph Terrell and Libby Rodenbough. Each member has his or her own unique story as to how they got started on their respective musical journeys. For example, Mipso's biography page states that Sharp got his first mandolin from his dad after winning a fishing bet and Rodenbough took a year off from college to study folk music in Chicago and the fiddle in Ireland. And the name? Well, Sharp said in an interview with The Bluegrass Situation that the band, originally a trio, performed at a benefit and everyone thought it would just be a one-time deal. However, a local newspaper called asking for the trio's name. There was a time crunch so Sharp, Robinson and Terrell came up with Mipso Trio, which was eventually changed to just Mipso. The name is a perfect fit because the band itself is unique.

Mipso has a couple of things out on iTunes right now: a two-song project entitled Faces and a full length album called Dark Holler Pop. A popular song off Dark Holler Pop called "Carolina Calling" is a great tune. It's got this really cool folksy/bluegrassy vibe to it and, better yet, it's a song that that I think speaks to Mipso's character as a band.

Have a listen to a performance of "Carolina Calling" from Cat's Cradle in Carboro, N.C. in the video below and be sure to check out Mipso on Facebook and Twitter!