NMM: Gallant

Photo: Chris White
This week, I'm featuring an Alt-R&B singer that's poised to break big.

Gallant is an artist that's already catching the attention of many. The Maryland native was profiled by Matt Medved of Billboard in June and was recently featured on a hand-picked playlist of songs from Entertainment Weekly staffers. Gallant also has a solid following on social media and his SoundCloud has more than 32k followers.

According to Medved's profile on Billboard, Gallant began recording in middle school, quoting the artist as saying it was "a cathartic thing, the same way you would write something in a diary." Medved writes that, after graduating from New York University, Gallant moved out to Los Angeles where he was discovered by manager Jake Udell. Udell was instantly hooked on Gallant's sheer artistry and "deep songwriting" ability.

Gallant's "Weight In Gold" is the song that EW picked for its playlist and was, coincidentally, the song that I first heard. Now, I can say that I'm hooked. It just has so much soul and the writing is genius. I have zero criticism. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Gallant is going to be a household name very soon!

Have a listen to "Weight In Gold" below.