NMM: Joseph

Photo: Chris White
Ahh. Nothing like browsing iTunes and coming across an amazing new tune - and group!

The tune is called "White Flag" and the group, Joseph. The trio of sisters - Natalie Closner and younger twins, Meegan and Alison - is set to release a sophomore project entitled I'm Alone, No You're Not (due out August 26). "White Flag" is a tune off the forthcoming project and is featured in the "Hot Tracks" section on iTunes. The Closner sisters hail from the Pacific Northwest and, according to the group's bio, the name "Joseph" pays deference to their grandfather, Jo, as well as Joseph, Ore., the tiny town in which he lived.

"White Flag" is a stellar tune about not only facing your fears. It's about obliterating them. The song's triumphant, meticulously-crafted lyrics and beautiful vocals provided by the Closner sisters make it a must listen. Check it out below and make sure to get it on iTunes! Also, be sure to catch them on tour - complete with stops in Charlotte and Carrboro!