NMM (Revisited): Eben

  Photo: Chris White

I've been a fan of this talented artist for several years.  You may recall me featuring Eben Franckewitz - who simply goes by Eben - a few years ago. I figured I'd revisit him as some new and exciting things have happened since that post. 

I became a fan when I first discovered Eben as a contestant on Season 11 of American Idol. Since his stint on Idol, Eben became a member of the group ABTLSTNT and released some new music on his own. The latest being a tune called "Stars" (produced with EthniKids) and it's incredible. It has been awesome to see Eben grow into the amazing artist he is today and "Stars" is indicative of his growth. Everything from the rhythms, to the lyrics and vocals are fresh and enjoyable to listen to.

Check out "Stars" below!