NMM: Matt Bednarsky

It all began with a Twitter follow back in January. I get follows from various accounts on a daily basis and Matt Bednarsky was one of them. After I returned the favor, we struck up a bit of a convo. He asked for me to check out his music and I, in turn, mentioned about my blog. Even offering to feature his music sometime. That "sometime" is finally today. 

According to his bio, Matt was born to a jazz guitarist/music teacher father and a mother with a classical music background. He began playing an instrument - a violin - at age four, guitar at age eight and began writing music at age 12. After graduating from NYU, Matt immersed himself in the singer/songwriter community in New York but later moved to Nashville. He has since produced three full-length, studio albums, including his latest: Luminescence, which I'm featuring here. But more on that in a second.

As far as his style, there is no boxing in of Matt. His work spans a variety of genres. If you need something a little more concrete, his bio says to think of it as "James Taylor and John Mayer with Ryan Adams and Michael Bublé mixed in." Luminescence is a beautiful album that is truly original. It's a testament to Matt's varied style, from the bluesy "In Need of a Good Night's Sleep" to "What You Make It (Take It Easy)" which sounds like a beachy/cruising tune you'd play in the summertime. Each tune on the album has its own character and tells its own unique story. Everything about Luminescence is brilliant.

Have a listen to one of the tracks off the new album and be sure to check out all the tunes here!