A Game for the Ages

As I mentioned on my last "Friday Five" post, I was able to go to the UNC/Duke game in Chapel Hill on Saturday. Boy, was it a memorable night! The game was no doubt a classic, with each team never leading more than six points during play. The atmosphere was electric, of course. At times, I couldn't even hear the referees' whistles. And, as if the night couldn't have been any sweeter, Michael Jordan - aka the G.O.A.T. - was in the house!

My Friday Five: On The Rematch, Oscars Wrap-Up & More

1. Oscars Wrap-Up

This year's Academy Awards ceremony was definitely interesting. Of course, it would have been just like any other if not for the crazy mishap during the Best Picture winner announcement. Moonlight cemented its place in history with the Best Picture win on Sunday night, becoming the first film focused on an LGBTQ character and with a completely non-white cast to ever win the prestigious award. It was well deserved too!

My Review: Moonlight

I've always wanted to see this film and I finally got the chance to.

Winner of three Oscars including Best Picture, Moonlight is a coming of age story. The Barry Jenkins film chronicles Chiron, a young black man, from childhood to adulthood as he discovers himself and finds his place in the world. In the film, we follow Chiron on his journey in three stages of life as he struggles with being bullied, living in a less than ideal situation at home in Miami, as well as finding love and belonging.